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The Skin Expert

Innovative skin rejuvenating and skin improving treatments with results

Skin care for every type of skin, color and age





The Skin expert

Innovative skin rejuvenating and skin improving treatments with results

Skin care for every type of skin, color and age



Welcome to Glow Institute

skin clinic

Glow Institute is the skin clinic for progressive skin rejuvenating and skin improving treatments.

Are you suffering from pigment spots, coarse pores, skin aging, wrinkles or other imperfections? Or do you just want to maintain your skin optimally? At Glow Institute you find the best skin renewing treatments, expert advice and personal care. We offer a suitable solution for every skin and every skin problem.

We are a state of the art salon where you can fully relax in a pleasant atmosphere while we work on your dream skin. We welcome everyone at Glow Institute and it's important that you feel at home. Please enjoy our holistic approach to beauty and skincare.

Are you curious about the condition of your skin or do you not know which products suit your skin best? Then you can make an appointment for free skin advice. During this appointment, an experienced skin therapist will carefully assess your skin and provide treatment and/or product advice.

If you would like more information, please contact us for a free consultation. Our skin therapists, beauticians and cosmetic doctors welcome you! Let's Glow!

Love, Marielle Van Der Reek


Our Services | Glow Institute

Facial treatments

At Glow we offer high-quality tailor-made treatments for all types of skin, where relaxation and care are central. In consultation with you, we put together a plan based on your skin condition and wishes. The result: beautiful, well-groomed and fresh skin.


Injectables are cosmetic treatments that use botox and fillers. The aim is to temporarily fade or disappear wrinkles, to fill in folds and to soften lines in the face later. Get your fresh look back.

Skin gym

SKNGM is the gym concept for the skin. We actively put the skin to work with our full face workouts. During the treatments, the skin and also the underlying muscles and attachments are treated with these unique manual lifting & sculpting techniques.



What makes us unique?

At Glow Institute we work with high-quality equipment and innovative products that work in the deeper layers of the skin to achieve a maximum delay in the skin aging process. The synergy between the products and equipment ensures a maximum achievable result. Our treatments and products all aim to put the skin to work itself. This to stimulate cell division and collagen production so that the skin can effectively renew itself for a natural result.

The basis for beautiful skin is the right skincare, with high-quality products, the right order of skincare routine, supplemented with our treatment aimed at skin improvement and well-being. In addition, nutrition and sleep are also important. Nutrition has a major impact on your physical and skin health. The positive effect of the right diet, supplemented with effective supplements and a healthy lifestyle is reflected in radiant skin.

Thanks to our team, experience and collaborations, combined with scientific research, we are able to provide the highest level of skin care. Our qualified beauticians and skin therapists are expert in their field. We realize that your skin condition can have major impact on the quality of life and that is why only the best is good enough for us. The people who work at Glow Institute are passionate about their profession, proud of our wonderful treatments & products, and want to help each client achieve their personal goal. Join us on your journey to beautiful radiant skin

-Glow Institute

At Glow Institute we are always looking for the latest innovations in beauty, skin care and fragrance. Discover our latest additions and enjoy these special beauty products from all over the world.

Enjoyed so much!! Really relaxing for an hour and my skin has been refurbished! Unbelievable! I'm already excited to continue working at home with all the delicious products I brought and look forward to the next appointment!
— Margaret
I have been treated very well at Glow Institute. Mariëlle is a professional and loving woman who clearly explained what was going to happen before and during the treatment. During the treatment it was also clearly explained what was being done and why it was done! Mariëlle also clearly explained all other questions about my skin and how I could best improve it. I can therefore definitely recommend Glow institute for a wonderful experience.
— Sharika
Esther is fantastic. Honestly and you relax. In addition, you learn a lot about your skin yourself. She 'educated' me what I can do to improve and care for my skin. Honest and the products she recommends go step by step. very nice that she senses that and sees what I need. Going to Glow is getting your money's worth!
A fine treatment with an immediate beautiful result! In addition, a clean, beautiful salon and a good atmosphere. Great ambiance! In addition, well advised in an advisory manner. My new place for treatments! Recommended to anyone who wants to improve their skin.
— Bianca
Visited again today for a wonderful treatment.
Soooo enjoy again. A real treat.
I came in with a sandpaper skin, and left with a lovely glowy skin.
The next appointment is already scheduled. I'm already looking forward to it!
— Kimberly
Yesterday I went to Glow institute for the first time.
It was a great experience.
Sweet lady who explains everything and then the treatment really great!
I immediately made a follow-up appointment. You have a new customer!
— Nancy
Super nice place, beautiful even! Good intake and honest advice. Professional warm and extremely hospitable experience. And the treatment? Wow I would book again in a heartbeat. See you soon! This felt like a mini vacation.
— Johanna Manuhutu

Skin analysis

Are you curious about the condition of your skin or do you not know which products suit your skin best? Request a free skin analysis now.

With a skin analysis we obtain a lot of information. Based on this analysis, we can determine a suitable facial treatment and advise you on care products, lifestyle and nutrition.


- Glow Institute

A surprise that is always appreciated!

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a special person? Surprise your friend, loved one or family member with a wonderful visit to Glow Institute!
Choose your amount yourself and leave a personal message! To spend on products and treatments.
Who are you going to surprise?

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