Are you looking for a quick and easy way to replenish the collagen in your skin?

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In this treatment we use the most revolutionary technique of the moment: Collagen Nanofibers. These Collagen nanofiber pads are specially designed for obtaining a tighter and hydrated skin and reduction of wrinkles with immediate results.

The patented technique used has been scientifically proven by several independent studies and has won numerous awards. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin (Also for pregnant/nursing mothers)

What does this treatment entail:


✅ Cleaning the skin.

✅ Epilation of the eyebrows

✅ Deep cleaning and removing impurities.

✅ A peeling for the production of a new layer of skin with healthy cells.

✅ Lifting connective tissue massage aimed at skin rejuvenation.

✅ Apply 30 layers of nanofiber collagen threads to the desired zones

✅ Oxygen and collagen rich face mist to revitalize the skin

✅ Rejuvenate the skin naturally with a collagen light spectrum that is absorbed by the skin cells and promotes the body's own production of collagen, elastin and hyaluron.

✅ Complete care.

Temporarily included free of charge with these treatments:

✅ Shoulder/neck massage (worth 25 euros)

What Are Collagen Pads?

The Collagen pads are made with nanofibers by an advanced technology (the ActivLayr technology). What makes the pads unique from all other collagen care products is that it is absorbed 100% at a depth of 1.5 mm in the dermis (leather skin). You can go a long way with a moisturizing cream, but unfortunately a cream does not have the potential to penetrate into the deeper skin layers. The molecules of the cream are simply too large for that. The collagen pads consist of 30 layers of collagen threads with a molecular size of less than 300 daltons. The oxygen sprays we use contain an incredibly high percentage of oxygen, so that the collagen is fully absorbed.

The result

One treatment with immediate results for every skin.

• Natural wrinkle filling
• Activates cell renewal
• Strengthens the skin barrier
• Stimulates collagen production
• Helps reduce lines
• Lifting and tightening effect
• Hydrated, youthful appearance


A wonderful moment of relaxation with a natural skin treatment and direct glow.

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